Consulting Services from My Detail Diva - Natalie Asper Carnes

Consultative Training

The more assets one has, the more professionals that are needed to successfully manage them. Protocol and etiquette are required and knowing how to take of the finer luxury items and goods are essential. Did you know that a full staff of private service professionals includes a Director of Residences or Major Domo, Estate Manager, Personal Assistant, Housekeepers, Chef, Nanny, Chauffeur and Groundskeepers? Plus, formal homes add a Butler, Valet and Maids. With Natalie’s many years of experience she can; train you or your team of professionals in protocol and etiquette, teach them how to take care of luxury goods and fineries, and act as your Private Service’s Human Resource and staff development expert with grace and ease.

Protocol & Etiquette

Which spoon should one use for cream soups? Which fork is for salad? What is the proper way to make a toast? Where should a napkin be left if you leave the table? How does the server know when I am finished? That all depends on which country you are in, how formal the meal is, and if you were raised with this level of etiquette. When it comes to American hotdogs and fries - fingers win! But that won’t get you very far in business or in other countries. Let us take a step back in time to when manners ruled the world and use of proper etiquette determined whether we would be invited to the next gala.

Luxury Goods & Fineries

Understanding the materials used and how these luxury goods and fineries are created and/or manufactured is critical to keeping your assets looking their best. Natalie brings to her clients, decades of experience of caring for luxury goods and fineries and will make sure your staff has the latest knowledge, tools, and resources available to them to protect your beautiful heirlooms and investments.

Staff Development

You have hired an amazing employee who seems to be able to read your mind, but he or she hasn't a clue on how to manage or operate in your world. You clicked like two peas in a pod and you see potential deep within your new hire. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could expedite that painful learning curve and polish those rough edges before all the balls in the air come crashing to the ground. Regardless of the position, Natalie has trained and managed a private staff of from all walks of life and those who need to perform brilliantly in any environment with ease, grace and minimal stress on everyone’s part.

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