Personal Assistant Services from My Detail Diva - Natalie Asper Carnes

Personal Assistant

Ever daydreamed of cloning yourself so you could accomplish more in multiple arenas? With Natalie as your domestic Personal Assistant, your dreams may come true! She is particularly gifted in the areas of research and anticipating one’s needs, often before they arise. This amazing intuition, backed by years of experience bodes well when needing to trust someone to be your personal shopper, secure the appropriate gift selection and presentation, provide non-medical companion care to a loved one, or provide IT and device support when you have simply had no many hours left in the day. Natalie’s calm and level-headed nature allows her to manage emergencies with grace and ease. 


How many wonderful ideas do you have that are just waiting to be put into motion? Do you need more information before you can take it to the next level? Natalie is fantastic at researching details and logistics. Maybe it’s that side hustle you have always wanted to start, planning a “Glamping” trip, assessing the water quality of your well, or the pros and cons of fraction share ownership vs. hour cards on private jets. Regardless of what you are thinking about, Natalie will research your idea and provide you the findings in no time.

Personal Shopper

When it comes to those endless lists of errands that consume your entire Saturday, Natalie is a whiz at knowing where, when and how to shop for the best in quality, price and ensure your item comes with great customer service for returns.  And did we mention she knows who has the shortest lines and how to wrap and present the most beautiful gifts? Just ask Natalie about some of the unique gifts she has found for her most demanding clients. You will be surprised at what you hear.

Gift Section & Presentation

When your dreaded smartphones Calendar Reminder dings and the next countdown starts another special day, wouldn’t it be nice to trust Natalie to find the perfect gift for any occasion? This service includes holidays, anniversaries, milestones, cards, baskets, flowers, and even engagement rings. Each item will be packaged and presented to your specifications - or beyond your wildest dream.

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Non-Medical Companion Care

Sometimes the difference between staying in your own home and moving to assisted living can be bridged through non-medical companion care. Natalie has had several clients who were able to spend more golden years on their own with her assistance. While in your home, Natalie works alongside a client with whatever task the day may call for. In addition, she is available to drive you in your car wherever you want to go. Visit the doctor, dentist, hair and nail salon, grocer, friends at the hospital, shop for holiday gifts, and more. This non-medical companion care service is wonderful to have for yourself or a loved one when you simply just need professional help and care.

IT and Device Support              

While no one claims to be an expert here, Natalie is as tech savvy as they come. She is a whiz with Apple products and most accessories as well. While PC computers and devices are not her strongest suit, she can still navigate her way through most of the mid-level crisis concerns. As an added resource, Natalie also has a business account with the Apple Store for support. No device is too smart for Natalie.

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