Event Planning Services from My Detail Diva - Natalie Asper Carnes

Event Planning & Management

Events can showcase meaningful transitions in one’s life or give you, loved ones or colleagues a fun way to blow off steam. Either way, Natalie is creative, understanding and a trusted professional set out to manage the details of your busy life. Whether you invite a handful or thousands of guests, Natalie and her team of experts can manage any themed event and perform all the pre-planning, day-of and post-party details too. Plus, did we tell you she can sabre Champagne with a sword?


Graduations & Other Milestones: Your prodigy has finally handed in the last assignment and passed the final test. Now you need to find a venue, plan a menu, order a cake, purchase flowers, send invitations, fill balloons and find relatives hotel rooms. Oh no, you forget the entertainment act and the fact you will need to haul your prodigy home without losing them out the sunroof. Does just the thought of these details exhaust you? 

Birthdays: Natalie has planned nearly 105 birthday parties to date. She has arranged child-oriented themes such as Tea Parties, Horses, Movies and Super Heroes. Memorable adult birthday parties have included favorite bands, twilight dinner cruises, spa days and 40 bottles of champagne opened with a sword.

Engagements & Weddings: You have now decided to spend eternity together, however working full time and trying to surprise the love of your life with an amazing memory of the moment is daunting, let alone how does one handle all the details of an engagement party or wedding. Just remember everyone needs an ace in their back pocket sometimes! Natalie has planned a dozen small weddings, intimate gatherings of 30 to 100 guests. Most recently for a couple who were 87 and 83 years young. I guess it’s true - you’re never too old to find your true love and a best friend!

Just Because: Champagne Party for 500 guests, Gourmet Club for 12, Christmas Dinner with all your in-laws, Wine Tastings, Holiday Gatherings, whatever you dream up, Natalie handles all these milestone dates with such ease, even the professional event and wedding planners wish they had her training, talent and skill set.


Pre-planning can take several days or many months, depending on your schedule, scale and budget. Natalie ensures the pre-planning laundry list of venues, menus, caterers, entertainment contracts are secured and within your budget. She will also quickly follow up this work by initiating guest lists, accommodations, invitations, decor, wardrobe, rentals, transportation and logistics confirmations.


The Day-Of term is very loosely applied here, depending upon the size of the event and the scope of details involved. Week-Of is typically what is needed for a wedding, where Day-of may apply for a small graduation party. Either way, this is where all the puzzle pieces come together and make something beautiful to celebrate and remember. You get to mix and mingle with your guest, leaving all the details to Natalie and her team of professionals. 

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