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Estates & Household Management

In most of the world, a Butler is highest ranking Private Service position within its industry, whereas, in the United States, it is the Estate Manager, Major Domo, or on rare occasions - a Chief of Staff or Director of Residences that have earned that responsibility and respect. The Butler world belonged to men until the turn of this century and women seeking careers as executives in the Private Service Industry were unable to obtain employment for Middle-East Royalty because their culture divides men from women - this also goes for their staff. For centuries the Kings and Princes have been served by well-trained butlers, however, their Queens and Princesses have made due with maids and cooks. Natalie graduated in 2001, with Merit, from The International Butler Academy in The Netherlands as a Butler, Household Manager and Personal Assistant. She has since proven her many talents in Estate Management as well. From project management, sourcing and procurement to staff, vendor and contractor management – there is not much this amazingly trained Private Service Butler, Estate Manager, Major Domo, Chief of Staff or Director of Residences has not handled.

Project Management

Natalie is skilled in the art of Project Management. It’s not easy juggling the needs of those residing on the property along with construction deadlines, punch lists, weather and material delays. Natalie’s training, patience, and impeccable eye for detail assure that a project is planned and executed flawlessly, wherever humanly possible. Past projects have included full home remodels, kitchen & bathrooms remodel, wine cellars, Olympic-size pools with cabanas, 8,500 square foot brick paver driveways, security systems, safe rooms, smart home systems, home entertainment spaces, added fireplaces, replacement windows, garage upgrades and more.

Sourcing and Procurement

Learning where to find the right parts for the right price from the right source takes time, and time is money. Natalie’s procurement talent is stellar. Handmade underwear from London? Check. Custom tailored suits from Belgium? Check. Tonight’s salmon caught fresh this morning in Alaska? Check. Anniversary flowers delivered to your parents? Check. New tires on the Tesla? Check. Replace or repair a damaged leather sofa? Check. Replace a discontinued faucet handle? Check. What’s on your “To Do” List?

Staff, Vendor and Contractor Management

Not sure how to delegate the responsibilities of what it takes to run your household? Unsure how to decide who should handle which tasks? Considering hiring staff, or outsourcing to contractors? Sometimes it makes sense to hire someone full-time, but often there are still things that should be handed off to a vendor or contractor for their expertise or manpower. Natalie can sort between current needs and available skills, then provide you with the best plan of attack.

Here’s another one -- don’t you just LOVE giving up an afternoon waiting for some random service repair representative to show up for a minor repair that is driving you bonkers? And to make it worse - they stand you up? Natalie has a long list of vetted vendors and contractors who show up, for a fair price, and get the job done right - the first time. 

IT & Audio/Visual | Electrician | Handyman | Builder | Plumber | Pools | Landscape | Garage Floor Coat | Textiles Frames | Auto Body | Marble | Windows | HVAC | Designer | Cable and Internet

Bedroom | Bathroom | Pool l Cabana | Living Room | Dining Room | Office | Kitchen | Home Theater | Patio | Wine Cellar | Mud Room | Windows | Doors | Driveway | Landscape | Golf Simulator | Sound & Mixing Room 


Key Questions to Consider

Natalie suggests that a meeting with you take place so some of these key questions can be answered prior to any estimate or work: 

How do we align you household and elite lifestyle with your personal objectives?
How do we protect your privacy?
How do we prioritize your projects?
What current technologies exist and what future technologies are needed? 

Estate Management Services from My Detail Diva - Natalie Asper Carnes