Personal Concierge Services from My Detail Diva - Natalie Asper Carnes




Relationships are the core of the Private Service Industry - relating directly back to the Golden Rule we learned as children - Treat Others as You Wish to Be Treated. Doing so presents opportunities others often miss, including how to open doors to otherwise unavailable situations. You only have a few minutes with each human interaction to get to know someone enough to build a trusting relationship built on one’s reputation and in return - curry favor(s) when opportunities are few. In Private Service, these relationships often translate to securing last minute tickets to sold-out events, favored seating in hot and trendy restaurants, and gaining insider information on amazing upcoming events for you and your associates. Natalie’s years of private service experience gives her the ability to provide extraordinary concierge services for the most discriminating clients.

Luxe Accommodations & Travel

From adventure to Zen and Five-star hotels and spas to pamper your every whim – Natalie has resourced and worked with private agents all over the world to satisfy luxury accommodations and travel requirements. Maybe a private castle on a remote island with solitude and beauty experienced by few. A chartered jet to your dream destination? Or spend a beautiful sunny afternoon racing five different exotic sports cars down quiet country roads. Natalie has rented romantic resorts, entire restaurants and private aircraft. Plus, she has even couriered forgotten iPhones, formalwear, teddy bears, and custom athletic gear for panicked principals and guests.

Tours, Tickets & Reservations

Sometimes it takes a bit of finesse to score those amazing tickets to a fantastic show or one needs to know the owner of the restaurant to book a table without a customary 2-month wait. Natalie’s expert talent in researching available options for exploring your next destination, including tourist traps and places the locals' favor is why many call her the Detail Diva.

Travel Escort

There are those times in life when you just can’t clone yourself long enough to be in two places at once. Elderly and infirm adults or children needing to travel for a variety of reasons often need an escort. Business executives with exhaustive travel and business need requiring a personal assistant. Natalie has escorted many individuals for a variety of reasons: as an advocate, a level head adult for that “just in case” moment, or simply a companion for peace of mind.

Safety First

Should you bring a bodyguard? Worst case scenario - you need an extraction team. Rest assured, Natalie knows who to call and it’s not Ghostbusters. Whether your travel is for business or pleasure, sometimes safety is a concern. Simply having a plan in place - is planning to succeed. Natalie will bring peace of mind to both yourself and loved ones at home.

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