Traditional Butler Services

The Female Butler

In most of the world, a Butler is highest ranking Private Service position within its industry, whereas, in the United States, it is the Estate Manager, Major Domo, or on rare occasions - a Chief of Staff or Director of Residences that have earned that responsibility and respect. The Butler world belonged to men until the turn of this century and women seeking careers as executives in the Private Service Industry were unable to obtain employment for Middle-East Royalty because their culture divides men from women - this also goes for their staff. For centuries the Kings and Princes have been served by well-trained butlers, however, their Queens and Princesses have made due with maids and cooks. Natalie graduated in 2001, with Merit, from The International Butler Academy in The Netherlands as a Butler, Household Manager and Personal Assistant. Whether you need traditional butler service, guest services, couture wardrobe management or staff management, Natalie talent and expertise in this area will astound you.

Traditional Butler Service

Trained by a 75-year-old English butler, Natalie is grounded in the formalities of old, while her savvy nature blends today’s technology and trends to meet one’s needs of tomorrow and beyond. Training included a butler’s daily duties, the Pantry Book, serving tea, protocol and etiquette, as well as care of fine furnishings, and moving households. You will find her to be calm and level-headed, even when under pressure, managing emergencies with grace and ease.

Guest Services

Guest Services start long before the doorbell rings. Beautifully appointed accommodations stocked with luxury linens and beauty products set the tone for a memorable stay. In private homes, guests are treated to little luxuries like valet service, coffee & newspaper in bed, elaborate turndown service and staff who recall your favorite cocktail, snacks, and personal preferences. 

Couture Wardrobe Management

Couture Wardrobes last much longer with a regular dose of tender loving care. Shoes stored clean and polished, garments steamed between cleanings, jewels and bobbles whipped of oils and perfumes. Minor repairs include buttons secured, snags rewove, and stains removed. 

Staff Management

You have hired an amazing employee who seems to be able to read your mind, but he or she hasn't a clue on how to manage or operate in your world. You clicked like two peas in a pod and you see potential deep within your new hire. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could expedite that painful learning curve and polish those rough edges before all the balls in the air come crashing to the ground. Regardless of the position, Natalie has trained and managed a private staff from various walks of life and those who need to perform brilliantly in any environment with ease, grace and minimal stress on everyone’s part.  Natalie ensures your staff is professionally managed and trained 24/7.