Bravo - Champagne Toast for Natalie Asper Carnes


"Over the course of Natalie’s 9 years with us, she excelled at many tasks ranging from organizing closets to overseeing remodeling projects to child care logistics. She is truly a jack of all trades. She is exceptionally skilled at couture wardrobe and shoe management, daily graces and emergencies of all sorts. She is trustworthy and professional, thus she was easily able to oversee all of our service providers, security systems, technology and luxury cars. She has resources for everything and tries to anticipate all needs. She exhibits solid judgment and has a good heart. 

Our lifestyle encompasses extremely active children, significant travel and multiple large “Smart-homes”. She enabled us to enjoy all of these elements. No errand is too small, no challenge is too large. We highly recommend her as a trusted employee/assistant."

Mrs. K - Philanthropist 


"Natalie has been instrumental in helping me with many household management duties. She has been very flexible in her approach and is always very thorough in whatever task is at hand. 

She has helped with many special projects such as setting up a calendar system for al household members, reorganizing the kitchen following a remodel, shopped for kids clothes, select a housekeeper and packed for vacations. She has consistently proven to be excellent at each of these endeavors."  

Philip M - Business Owner


"Following the death of my brother-in-law, Natalie was contracted to assist his widow with many complex issues that our family faced. I found her to be energetic, resourceful and trustworthy. I found no task insurmountable for Ms. Carnes, be it the handling of daily financial or household tasks to the safety, protection, and security of the family and their home.

In a few short months, Natalie created a safe, stable and organized home environment. I was impressed with her diligence and vast knowledge in so many areas. Her work with our family has earned her my respect and gratitude." 

Richard K.- Retired Police Lieutenant


"Natalie is a professionally trained and highly sought after estate manager with many years of experience. She is very talented with a myriad of skills from multi-site property management to project completion, organization, party planning and so much more. She has fabulous taste and has been available to help me with household projects. Recently a whole house renovation that became too stressful for me was turned over to Natalie, with incredible results.

Natalie will ferociously protect your confidentiality and follow through with a professionalism and integrity rarely seen. You will be beyond pleased with your choice of Natalie Carnes as your estate manager, personal assistant or project manager. She is a gem that is rare in this unique and exclusive field."                                                                             Mrs. L - Radio Personality


"As the project manager of a luxury residential remodeling company, we have worked with the principals on two luxury bathroom renovations, the construction of a pool house, two major interior renovations and no less than 8 additional single space projects at their primary residence. Natalie not only served as the day-to-day point of contact for renovations but acted as an indispensable liaison balancing realistic expectations on both sides, which ensured exceptional results that satisfied the attention to detail of all parties involved.                                    

Natalie is forward-thinking, knowledgeable of the residential construction industry and excels at prompt, clear communication. Her time-management is evident in her effective scheduling and forethought into the family’s home-life and travel schedules, minimizing disruptions. Her understanding of the nuances of construction allowed for a thoughtful discussion regarding project prioritization and appropriate containment while the homeowners continued to reside in the home through extensive remodeling.                                                                                      

Natalie is a kind and genuine person, and we are honored to have worked with her over the last 6 years.  

Ms. A - Lead Project Manager