A Trusted Private Service Industry Executive

As a polished and trusted executive with over 24 years in the Private Service Industry, Natalie Asper Carnes'magic truly shines when your problems are solved before you ever knew they existed! Natalie's professional training and experience provide her principals and clients the ultimate level of proven skills, dependability, and passion for personal service with a sincere, curious, bright, and approachable personality. 

Natalie began her career working as a nanny for Fortune 500, Celebrity and CEO families in the New York Metro area and Chicago’s Gold Coast. Since graduating with honors from The International Butler Academy in 2001, she has worked as a Butler, Estate Manager, and Family/Personal Assistant for High Net Worth families.

Natalie Asper Carnes - My Detailed Diva - Trained Buter
Training and Consulting Natalie Asper Carnes - My Detail Diva
Natalie Asper Carnes - My Detailed Diva


I excel in creating tailor-made solutions. I believe there are 26 pathways from A to Z, and what matters MOST is the path that fits my Principal’s needs TODAY, whether that be the most luxurious, fastest, or most comprehensive option. My magic truly shines when your problems are solved before you ever knew they existed. I rely on intuition, creativity, and critical thinking, rooted in a mutual relationship of trust and respect.


I am a leader focused on building a strong trusting culture that allows for creativity, ingenuity, and fun to flourish. It is highly rewarding when the work comes to life and I get to experience the team successfully achieve a common goal. This gives staff and me a solid sense of purpose and Principals the confidence they are provided best in class service.


Each morning I choose Joy. It takes a significant level of trauma or crisis to ruffle my feathers or rock my world. With that joyful disposition I am able to:

Be Approachable and Optimistic - Offer Hope and Peace - Show Kindness and Love